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  • Gas Strut Windows: What are the minimum and maximum sizes?
    The current minimum sizes for Gas Strut Windows are: Min. Size: 3′ W x 3′ H. | Max Size: 8.5′ W x 5′ H
  • Horizontal Folding Units: What are the minimum and maximum sizes?
    The current minimum sizes for Horizontal Folding Units are: Min. Size: 5′ W x 3′ H | Max. Size: 40′ W x 12′ H
  • What is the approximate lead time for each unit?
    Currently, the approximate lead time for products are the following: Gas Strut Windows: 8-12 weeks Horizontal Folding: 8-12 weeks Pivot Doors: 8-10 weeks Sliding-Stacking and Super Custom Jobs: 14-18 weeks
  • What material are ActivWall products made of?
    We have a variety of materials to choose from such as Thermally-Broken Aluminum, Wood Clad, and Wood. For further information on materials and customization visit here.
  • Are all products custom made?
    ActivWall products are custom made. However, if you are interested in ActivWall Express Series, we recently started implementing faster assembly and shipping for the following sizes: Sizes available: Gas Strut Window 48'' x 48'' 60'' x 42'' 60'' x 48'' 72'' x 42'' 72'' x 48'' 72'' x 60'' 96'' x 48'' You may find more information about ActivWall Express Series here.
  • Do you currently count with a showroom?
    Unfortunately, we currently do not count with a showroom. We will count with an ActivWall showroom in 2023.
  • Are you able to install my ActivWall unit?
    Yes, we are a general contractor, we do all types of remodeling. We are able to install your unit and also provide estimates for any other construction work you may require.
  • Is a Gas Strut Window the same as an awning window?
    No, they are similar, for an extra fee you may turn your Gas Strut Window set up into an awning-like window. This will allow you to open your custom window at a 15 degree angle versus regular (90 degree angle), serving as a custom awning window.
  • Am I able to open my Horizontal Folding Unit Panels in any direction I desire?
    Yes, you may request for your Horizontal Folding Unit to stack to the left or right. Open in or out. You decide your Stacking Configuration(direction you want to open by looking from the interior or exterior).
  • What are the available colors?
    We offer a variety of powder coat finishes, anodized finishes, and wood species. We also offer a coastal powder-coat finish for units installed near pools or the ocean. Click here to see standard and custom color options.
  • How do you care for your ActivWall?
    •Do not use a pressure washer. •Do not mix cleaning chemicals and solvents with bleach. •Do not allow the operation by children of the unit by children or anyone that is not trained or familiar with its mode of operation. •All screws, fittings, and hardware should be regularly inspected for tightness and wear. Any issues should be rectified immediately to mitigate the risk of permanent damage. •Long-term structural settling may result in the wall unit appearing to sag. This may require the attention of a qualified installer to make minor re-adjustments. For additional information on how to care for your ActivWall products, you may access it here.
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