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Payment Schedule

Payment schedules are outlined in the work contract, work order, or change order signed. If work has been performed whether in the order listed below or not, we may elect to collect compensation for the work completed as per the amount that is owed on the invoice. Typically, this can happen during rainy seasons when certain work cannot be performed and to prevent the job from being held up/stopped, we will proceed with other work on the job. If this happens, we will simply invoice for work performed.

Once the initial deposit has been received, we may begin drafting renderings and measuring the jobsite prior to demolition if needed. This constitutes “work performed” as does scheduling the next phase of the work to be performed (such as demolition), updating a list of material being used and working with our suppliers to start purchasing material. The hours being put into this “pre-construction phase” and any other hours throughout the construction project are billable if you chose to cancel the job for any reason as there is a lot of work that goes into to pre-construction phase of your project. If you elect to cancel the job for any reason, an invoice will be sent out (if applicable) and any deposits made may be applied to the billable hours due (if applicable). Our standard rate for billable hours are as follows:

  • NSF or Canceled Check Fees: $300

  • Late Fees: Payments made after 10 business days from date of invoice $300

  • Administrative Fees: If Client begins to request the same documents, we’ve provided more than 3 times, we will bill an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

  • Lien Related Fees: In the event we will need to file a lien on your property for non-payment, you will be responsible for all legal and attorneys’ fees related to this. We will charge a $500 fee to file the lien and 10% interest accrued monthly on the principal balance owed or the maximum amount allowed by the state of California.

  • Stop Work Notice Fee:  If we are required to send out a “Stop Work Notice” due to non-payment we will need to charge $250 for recording, mailing and posting the document

  • Additional Samples on “Custom Items”: When working with custom items, we allow up to 2 samples made per customer request, up to 3 if the samples invoice paint or staining a product. Wall paint samples are to be provided by client if the colors chosen at the beginning of the job are not the color the client wishes to proceed with. The cost of each sample is broken down below.

    • Wood samples/steps/trim/molding or casing of any kinds $350 for each sample beyond 2

    • Paint or staining wood/metal $250 for each sample beyond 3

    • Metal Fabrication samples $350 on anything over 2 items unless it is ED&R’s error


PLEASE NOTE: we cannot control any vendors/suppliers’ timelines, schedules, backorders, misinformation given by suppliers, delays caused by orders not arriving on time or vendors providing inaccurate stock information or material breaking in transit. Unfortunately, this happens more often than should be acceptable in this industry. We strive to do our best to work with quality suppliers that work in a timely manner and have items in stock.

We will always do our best to be cognizant of our Client’s belongings. If there is major demolition (such as walls that will be removed or demolished in any way), we ask that you remove any valuable items such as pictures, or breakables that may fall off the wall or be damaged from vibrations through the structure of the home. We will do our best to ensure a safe and clean environment. However, other rooms may receive the effect of blunt trauma to walls which may cause vibrations strong enough to cause pictures in other rooms to fall. Please be aware that we are not responsible if those items break or fall during demolition. This statement is primarily issued for homes where we will be removing shower walls/tile, removing / moving walls or adding an addition to a home. If your remodel requires any medium to heavy machinery, saws or hammers, this statement still qualifies. We ask that you remove any items yourself or have our staff note that it needs to be removed if you are unable to do so by yourself.




                Extra Work and Change Orders can be very costly to you and become part of the contract once the order is prepared in writing and signed by the parties prior to the commencement of any work covered by the new change order. The order must describe the scope of the extra work or change, the cost to be added or subtracted from the contract, and the effect the order will have on the schedule of progress payments. We recommend planning everything you’d like to have done now, before we begin working on the job. This will prevent costs increasing. Pick out your material now to prevent delays!




Stones, concrete, hand painted tile or material, ceramics, porcelain, quartz and related products are natural substances formed within the Earth, and vary in texture, color, thickness, density and durability. Each has its own capabilities for a particular use or purpose. Since these products may chip, peel, flake, bleed, oxidize or otherwise deteriorate over time, all these attributes should be considered when using these products, especially in any interior/exterior application subject to moisture.

The Client acknowledges that these products will vary in color since each may have been quarried in a different place or made from a different die-lot so the consistency of the minerals and colors will vary based on where each was made or quarried.

You also acknowledge that Elite Designs and Remodeling and any of its fabricators, vendors or suppliers have no control over your (the CLIENT) selection or use of any of these product, and that exposure to weather or preservative measures used by you (the CLIENT, may affect the long-term performance and durability of any of these products.

You also accept the risks inherent in the use and installation of these products (summarized below) and waive any and all claims that may arise against Elite Designs and Remodeling, their fabricators, vendors and suppliers arising from the installation of these products as such claims relate to conditions described in this section of the contract.

INHERENT VARIATIONS: Color, Shading, Finish, Hardness, Thickness, Density, Strength/resistance, slip resistance, Porosity, Ability to withstand staining.




We value your feedback. If custom work is part of the scope and you feel uncertain as to how the product will look, please discuss this with us prior to us commencing with custom work. This means anything being hand or machine made which is not a standard item purchased as the store is may not result in the exact finish you are expecting. Distressed items, epoxy resin, non-printed and artisan work, can vary in consistency. The look that was shown to you will not be exactly the same as what you get. In the event you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the product delivered, we will do our best to (within reason) remedy the concerns you have. If the amount of work to re-do the product becomes excessive, we will be required to charge additional fees for work performed and the balance for the original work performed will be due prior to commencing. It is important to remember that if you are not certain as to what something is going to look like, please send us an email prior to production. All Custom orders have a minimum lead time of 3-6 weeks and due to COVID-19, may have an additional lead time. Beyond that. If a product is a custom “concept”, there will be no warranty on that product unless otherwise stated in the “Work Order”, “Change Order” or “Contract” to the product.




Voided Warranties: If at any point you the client elect to have a product installed in a manner that goes against a manufacture’s warranty, suggested guidelines, this may affect our ability or the manufacture’s ability to supply a warranty to the product.

An example would be if we recommend leveling the floors prior to installing flooring, and you the client do not wish to pay the additional cost to level the floors, this may cause the product to, bow, crack, or fail over time due to install on an uneven surface.

You may be required to sign a notice that states you do not want to proceed with the manufactures installation recommendations and are going against our recommended suggestions. In any case a contractor cannot be held liable for knowing what the entire scope of work is on a job until the surface of the project is lifted any inspected regardless of the contractual agreement.

If a product is a custom “concept”, there will be no warranty on that product unless otherwise stated in the “Work Order”, “Change Order” or “Contract” to the product.



Homeowner is responsible for providing Contractor with any rules and regulations the HOA has. If homeowner has not provided such information prior to Contractor being sited for any HOA violations, homeowner agrees to indemnify and hold Contractor harmless for any such violations.




Please Revert to your “Contract”, “Work Order” and or “Change Order(s)” for additional terms and conditions that may apply.

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