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Want 35% off a UV Light Cleaning System?

How do Bacteria and Viruses spread through your home?

​Here is an example:

  1. Someone coughs somewhere in your home

  2. The particulates from their cough get sucked into your ventilation system

  3. You turn on the Heater or the AC

  4. The particulates from the cough in the ventilation system get pushed into every room in the house

How does our UV Light Cleaning System stop the spread?

Our system sits in-line with your ventilation system.​ This means that as air is pulled into your ventilation it first passes through the UV Light Cleaning System.

  1. The UV Light zaps all the nasty bacteria and viruses, killing them instantly​

  2. The Carbon Cell Filters collects all the leftover contaminates 

  3. You are left with pure air that is FREE of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other particulates

The installation process is painless and non-intrusive

Depending on your current HVAC system, the UV Light Cleaning System will be installed at the airflow entry point.​

UV Lighting Install 1
UV Lighting Install 1

UV Lighting Install 2
UV Lighting Install 2

UV Lighting install 4
UV Lighting install 4

UV Lighting Install 1
UV Lighting Install 1


The process is very simple:

  1. We come to your house

  2. We access your HVAC system

  3. Installation is typically finished within 1 hour

  4. Most Importantly, all of our contractors practice the safe social distancing guidelines

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