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ActivWall Project Specs Form- Sill Recess 

Please fill out the following form.

Measurement Instructions

Provide your project's measurements and specs by completing the following measurement instructions: 

1- Measuring Width
Measure between the jambs at three locations: Bottom, Center, and Top(as shown in diagram). Use the smallest dimension if the three vary. 

2- Measuring Height
Measure between the header and sill at three locations: 
Left, Center, and Right(as shown in diagram). 
Use the smallest dimension if the three vary.

3- Measuring Squareness
Check the squareness of the window frame:
Measuring diagonally from corner to corner.
Top right to Bottom left corners then vice versa. 

Screenshot 2022-11-03 164040.png

Rough Opening

Square Measurement

Opening Conditions


Check boxes for desired sill options.

Exterior Sill Options

standard raised sill config..png
Standard saddle sill configuration.png
Standard flush sill config.png

Interior Sill Options

low-profile flush.png
Low-profile saddle.png
low-profile flush saddle.png
u channel.png


Note: Rough Opening height is measured from the header to subfloor. See image below.

A) Measure Rough Opening Height

B) Pick Sill Type

rough opening image.png




Thanks for submitting!

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